John Medeiros is a local artist in the jewelry industry. After coming to America at the age of nine, Mr. Medeiros entered the manufacturing world working with precious metals after school. As his expertise grew, he established Tahoe Jewelry in 1985, providing the precious metals jewelry industry and prominent designers with intricate polishing and stone setting services. Influenced by the skilled and talented artisans of the Renaissance, Mr. Medeiros had a vision to produce beautiful, high quality products that are both affordable and timeless, which lead to the launch of The John Medeiros Jewelry Collection in 2000. 

The John Medeiros Jewelry Collection is produced from concept to completion, on site in East Providence, RI. With hand carved detailing, Mr. Medeiros implements the same craftsmanship and engineering techniques used in the high end, precious metals jewelry industry. By utilizing rhodium and 14Kt gold overlay and accenting with cubic zirconium, his vision of providing consumers with high quality, affordable jewelry has become the mission of the company. The original design of The John Medeiros Jewelry Collection has been widely accepted and celebrated since its release and can also be found in qualified, independent retail stores nationwide. The company’s success is based under the founding belief that high quality, handmade, intricate and long lasting jewelry should be accessible and enjoyed by all.